Release Notes

This service release includes the following improvements.

Set Organization Name

When creating a new event, it’s now possible to choose which organization the event should be associated with. Organizations are a useful way to group multiple events together. For example, assume Clara uses ClearEvent to run multiple events for her business, but also runs another event for a separate charitable organization. In this case, when Clara creates a new event, she can now choose to associate the event with the existing corporate organization, the existing charity organization, or even create a new organization.

When creating event, you can now choose the organization.

The organization name is now also visible in the Event Setup > General tab


Improved the Branding section to warn when a primary or secondary color is selected that is too close to the error indicator color. Also revised accessible themes to improve contrast and theme naming.

Other Enhancements

  • Fixed issue with corrupt grid state causing an intermittent load failure with the Participant Worksheet tab.
  • Numerous changes made to improve scrolling responsiveness, UX and general system stability.

We hope you find these new features useful. As always, we’d love to hear what you think, so please reach out through chat or email (

Happy Planning!

The ClearEvent Team

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