This service release includes the following improvements:

  • New branding changes allow the event logo and primary color to show up in emails coming from the event.
  • Optimized when to show the promo code field on the checkout page only when there’s a valid, enabled promo code related to the form or ticket.
  • Improved keyboard interaction with dialogs in the Event Manager.
  • Minimized the number of clicks needed to view a single Schedule or Message on the Event Portal.
  • Fixed an issue with Messages so that even if the same registrant is included in multiple groups only one email will be sent rather than one from each group.
  • Improved how the budget handles free online fees with paid products including in the exported data.
  • General stability improvements and other bug fixes.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think, so please reach out through chat or contact ClearEvent Customer Support.

Happy Planning!

The ClearEvent Team

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