This product release includes the following features and improvements:

Registration Improvements

Simplified Navigation

You’ll notice a new, smaller, and easier to navigate sidebar that takes up less screen space. We’ve also merged the Forms and Participants sections into a new section called Registration, bringing together everything you need to manage all your registrants in one place.

Add Specialized Form Fields

Save time adding common pre-configured field types to your registration forms in the Form Designer. New fields types include: Birth Date, Dietary Requirements, Office-Use, and T-Shirt Size.


  • You can now directly send email messages to both event registrants AND ticket holders!
  • Messages can include the full message-body, private attachment download links, and more!
  • You can also choose if you which to also publish the message automatically to your Event Portal.



Other Enhancements

  • Browsing and checking-in registrants has never been faster! Quickly and efficiently page through registrants, check them in, and approve or decline them.
  • General stability improvements and bug fixes.


As always, we’d love to hear what you think, so please reach out through chat or contact ClearEvent Customer Support.

Happy Planning!

The ClearEvent Team