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Fast, simple set up

Start selling tickets and earning revenue in minutes with guided step-by-step instructions.

Setup ClearEvent Tickets Fast
ClearEvent Payment Flow

 Access funds fast

Improve your cash flow. Online payments are deposited to your account as soon as 2 business days.

 Mobile ticket sales

Sell tickets through your own, easy-to-update, mobile event web app anytime, anywhere.

Budget Manager
Ticket Dashboard

 Track ticket sales

Know exactly how tickets sales are doing at any time. Your event budget is updated in real-time, allowing informed & timely decisions.

 Promo codes

Promo codes allow discounts to key individuals for online purchases so your event looks professional and sophisticated for your VIPs.

Promo Codes
Kiosk Mode

 Self-Service Kiosk

Our Kiosk Mode feature provides new revenue opportunities for your event by providing a simple tool to enable on-site self-service registration & ticket sales.


+ $0.70 per ticket sold.


Pass on the fee, or absorb it.


Capped at $15 per paid ticket sold.

No setup, recurring or hidden fees.

 Clear, affordable pricing

No fees for free tickets!

A ClearEvent fee + Stripe card processing fee applies only to paid tickets.

Affordable subscription plans. Try before you buy!

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“Love the new Event Management Software platform designed by ClearEvent that we are using the Special Events Office!”

Municipal Event Coordinator

Kingston, On.

“I love it … shared it with the Destination Management Co. that I’m working with and he said he would recommend it to his other clients and groups.”

Corporate Event Marketer

Sarasota, Fl.

“The software is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and the customer support is stellar!”

Andrea P.
Conference Operations Director

Baltimore, Md.

Expect more from your ticketing software

More than just a ticketing platform, ClearEvent offers a full suite of amazing tools that simplify event management.

All-in-one event planning tools

Powerful planning, logistics & collaboration tools are alsp included, at no additional cost.



Register participants, accept online payments, and manage registrations.

Mobile event app

Share personalized event details to any mobile device using the built-in event app.

Event dashboard

At-a-glance dashboards show your event’s progress in real-time.


Security is a feature at ClearEvent, not an afterthought.  PCI Compliance, data encryption, and multiple layers of security keep your data safe.

Expert support

We’re event organizers too! Our experienced support team has been in your shoes and we’ll make getting started with ClearEvent simple, easy and enjoyable!

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