Are you spearheading a sales conference to showcase your company’s next big marketing move? Or putting on an industry conference bringing together speakers, attendees, vendors and an army of volunteers to manage? The key to a flawless conference lies in effective management.

That’s where ClearEvent steps in, offering a customizable conference event planning software that combines ease of use with exceptional customer support. Our platform simplifies every step, leaving you more time to focus on delivering a memorable conference experience for all attendees.

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“You can utilize it for multiple events. Once you enter everything its super easy to make changes. customer service is great. Very affordable for a great product!”

Bridgett G.

Owner, via Capterra


Running a conference is no small feat, even if it’s a relatively small conference. There are tickets to sell or invitations to send out; you probably often wish you had a place to register and track your expected attendees quickly and accurately.

You need conference management software you can trust, so you can focus on arranging all the other important parts of your event.

ClearEvent is here to handle these concerns for you and so much more!

Corporate Event Planning Dashboard
Corporate Event Planning - Kiosk Mode


You are getting dangerously close to your budget cap, so you don’t have the funding to waste buying additional equipment to offer online ticket sales and registration options.

ClearEvent’s conference registration software includes on-site kiosk mode. Easily provide onsite registration and ticketing options with the hardware you already own, so you can save your budget for other inevitable, unexpected expenses. 

Combined with the ability to accept payments in minutes, you won’t be waiting weeks for that money to become available. If your budget needs a little last-minute bolstering to ensure the success of your event, ClearEvent has got your back.

“The software is easy to use for a novice-to-moderate computer user. I appreciate the support we get via chat and the help forums. The customer service is top-notch and the no. 1 reason why we continue to use this software.”

Melyssa Prince

Working in: Transportation/Rail/Trucking, via Capterra


Don’t you wish that you had a single, well-organized place where you could handle all your conference event management at once?

Wish no more, because, with ClearEvent’s multi-purpose event dashboard, you’ll be able to oversee all the different parts of your event at a glance!

Not only will this give you the opportunity to catch any potential oversights, but it will help you gain new operational insight into the parts of your event which are running perfectly versus the ones that may need a little more love.

The little things will never slip through the cracks again when you let ClearEvent’s conference event management software help make every event a successful one.

Corporate Event Planning & Budgeting
Corporate Event Planning & Ticket Sales


When there are multiple presentations or meetings scheduled in different locations across your venue, scheduling can become a bit of a headache. You need clear, organized conference management tools at your disposal. This way all your guests, whether they are presenting or just attending, know where to be and when.

ClearEvent’s game-changing schedule builder allows you to build multiple schedules and then publish them individually to specific groups of participants or attendees.

Combined with their mobile event app, which allows you to provide a personalized, branded event experience, they can access from any of their mobile devices.

Your attendees will be blown away!

ClearEvent gives you the conference management tools you need to ensure that even if you have hundreds of people coming to your event, their visit feels personalized and custom-tailored to cater to their individual event experiences.


Many professionals visit numerous conferences every year. So many, in fact, that they can blur together from one event to another if there aren’t enough features to make one stand out against another.

Thankfully, with their custom branding features, ClearEvent offers you the opportunity to stand out against the rest.

Whether it’s through branded online tickets or invitations, personalized calendars designed to appeal to different groups of attendees or just being able to use your branding just about anywhere in their mobile app experience, ClearEvent makes sure that your brand will be burned into your attendees’ minds – long after your event is over.

Sign up for a free trial today, and test out the countless ways that ClearEvent can help your event stand out as a shining example of achievement.

You can make every event a success with ClearEvent!

Event planning made simple

Sell Tickets

Start selling tickets on-line in minutes. Make money and receive your funds in days.

Register Attendees

Create custom registration forms to register vendors, delegates, competitors, VIPs, sponsors, & more…

Custom Branding

Easily customize the appearance of the mobile event app, registration forms & tickets to match your event brand.

Build Schedules

Build multiple schedules and publish them to specific groups of participants.

Accept Payments

Accept payments in minutes, not weeks! Take payments from competitors, vendors, VIPs, and more… Pass on or hide the service charge.

Promote Sponsors

Promote your event sponsors. Display sponsor logos, banner ads, special offers and contact info to event attendees.

Send Invites

Boost event attendance by sending invitation emails that promote registration & ticket sales.

Organize & Budget

Use a starter budget loaded with common revenue & expense categories, or import your own.


Whether you’re running an event for employees and investors or putting together a fundraiser or charity event, ClearEvent has the tools and expertise to make even the loftiest event planning ideas a reality.

To run or create events, you need more than just event software! ClearEvent includes exceptional customer support, training, and expert advice to help you create impactful events.

Sign up today for a free demo and see why so many people are choosing ClearEvent for their event management needs and take back the time you need to make every event a success!