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Your event pays

Stripe Credit Card Processing Fees


% + 30¢

per successful card charge.

Securely accept all major credit cards.

Applies only to paid tickets/registrations.


Funds deposited on a 2-day rolling basis.

Your attendees pay

ClearEvent Transaction Fees


% + 70¢

per ticket/registration sold.


Pass on the fee, or absorb it.

No fees for free tickets/registrations.


Capped at $15 per ticket/registration sold.

ClearEvent Service Charge

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Yearly (per event)

2 months free.

Unlimited event managers.

Training for new customers.

Premium in-app & web support.

Annual commitment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What currencies are supported?

ClearEvent supports events wishing to accept online payments in the following currencies:

  • US Dollars (USD)
  • Canadian Dollars (CAD)
  • British Pounds (GBP)
  • Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • More coming soon…

Please contact us if you would like to request a currency that is not listed.

You can accept charges from almost any credit card and debit card — no matter where your customer lives — though customers in other countries may be charged additional fees by their bank.

Stripe charges a conversion fee in rare cases where charges are received in a currency that’s not associated with a connected bank account. The conversion fee varies, but it’s about 2% on top of the regular transaction fees. To learn about this, visit Stripe’s documentation.

Avoid conversion fees by connecting a bank account with a currency that matches your event currency. Funds will then be deposited without incurring any additional currency conversion costs. For example, if your event charges registrants in US Dollars, make sure your Stripe Account is connected to a US Dollar Bank Account.

For a complete list please review the Supported Currencies by Country Stripe support article for a current list.

What's an "Event Plan"?

Every event you run with ClearEvent requires an Event Plan (e.g. Free, Lite or Standard). An Event Plan allows you to run a single event, as many times as you like. If you wish to run more than one event using ClearEvent, you’ll need additional Event Plans. You can mix and match event plans to suit your needs.

ClearEvent offers a FREE Event Plan for small events, as well as affordable paid Event Plans for larger events requiring additional event managers or enhanced support options. Event Plans are billed on a monthly or annual basis.

For example, Clara runs two events; a small community fundraiser using ClearEvent’s Free Event Plan, and a large food festival using one of ClearEvent’s Paid Event Plans.

What is an "event manager"?

An “event manager” is someone that can access the event management tools in ClearEvent. You can invite your event organizing team to become event managers so that they can help you plan & run your event. Our Free Event Plan allows up to 2 event managers to access the system.

Is the Free Event Plan fully featured?

Absolutely! All of our plans are fully featured. This means you get access to all of our great features no matter which free or paid plan you choose.

Do service charges apply?

Yes, but only for registrations and tickets sold online. There are no service charges when registration or tickets are free.

The ClearEvent Service Charge only applies to registrations and tickets that you sell online through the ClearEvent platform. The ClearEvent Service Charge is 2.35% + 0.70 per registration or ticket, and is capped at a maximum of 15.00. The ClearEvent Service Charge is always calculated in the event currency. By default the ClearEvent Service Charge will be passed on to your registrants or ticket buyers (paid by buyer). Events can choose to absorb the ClearEvent Service Charge into the registration fee or ticket price (paid by event). The ClearEvent Service Charge does not apply to free registrations, or paid registrations that are collected manually (offline).

Stripe (our payment processing provider) applies payment processing charges on all successful card charges. The Stripe Processing Charge varies depending on a number of factors. In North America Stripe fees are typically 2.9% + 0.30 of the total charge. The Stripe Processing Charge is paid by the event are is always calculated in the currency of the event’s bank account(s) after any currency conversions are applied.

Learn More.

How are service charges calculated?

The ClearEvent Service Charge is 2.35% + $0.70 per registration or ticket and is capped at $15 per registration or ticket. It is always calculated in the event currency. For Registrations, the ClearEvent Service Charge and cap is applied to the registration total. For Ticket purchases, the ClearEvent Service Charge and cap is applied to each ticket purchased.

The Stripe Processing Charge is always calculated on the total amount charged to the buyers credit card. In North America, the standard Stripe Processing Charge of 2.9% + $0.30 will be applied (this rate can vary). The Stripe Processing Charge is always calculated in the currency of the bank account(s) that are attached to your Stripe account (after any currency conversions are applied).

Registration Example:

For registrations, the ClearEvent Service Charge is applied to the total amount of a registration. So, assuming a $100 USD Registration fee has been set up, the ClearEvent Service Charge of 2.35% + $0.70 will be applied (in the event currency).

Registration Fee: $100
ClearEvent Service Charge = 2.35% * $100 + $0.70 = $3.05
Stripe Processing Charge = $103.05 * 2.9% + $0.30 = $3.29

If the ClearEvent Service Charge is set to be passed on to the registrant (buyer), the buyer will be charged ($100 + $3.05) = $103.05. The event will net ($103.05 – $3.05 – $3.29) = $96.71*.

If the ClearEvent Service Charge is set to be absorbed into the registration fee, the buyer will be charged $100 and the event will net ($100 – $3.05 – $3.29) = $93.66*.

Ticket Example:

For tickets sold through ClearEvent, the ClearEvent Service Charge will be applied to each ticket sold. So, assuming a $100 USD Ticket has been set up, the ClearEvent Service Charge of 2.35% + $0.70 will be applied (in the event currency) to each ticket purchased.

Ticket Price: $100
Ticket Quantity:

ClearEvent Service Charge =
(2.35% * $100 + $0.70) * 2 = $3.05 * 2 = $6.10
Stripe Processing Charge = (($100 * 2) + $6.10) * 2.9% + $0.30 = $206.10 * 2.9% + $0.30 = $6.28

If the ClearEvent Service Charge is set to be passed on to the ticket buyer, the buyer will be charged (($100 * 2) + $6.10) = $200 + $6.10 = $206.10. The event will net ($206.10 – $6.10 – $6.28) = 193.72 *.

If the ClearEvent Service Charge is set to be absorbed into the ticket price, the buyer will be charged $200 and the event will net ($200 – $6.10 – $6.28) = $187.62, less Stripe Processing Charges*.

* Stripe Processing Charges are always paid by the event. Many events, such as non-profits, often have special arrangements with Stripe that lower the payment processing fees which Stripe applies to successful credit card charges. Stripe Processing Charges vary depending on the event currency, the currency of the bank account(s) connected to Stripe, negotiated rates, foreign currency exchange rates, and the credit card type presented by the registrant at time of checkout. 

For detail pricing information and examples, click here.

Can I hide the ClearEvent Service Charge?

Of course!

By default, Ticket Buyers and Registrants pay the ClearEvent Service Charge (your event does not pay it).

If you wish, you can hide the ClearEvent Service Charge by absorbing it into the registration fee and/or ticket price. In this case, the event will pay the ClearEvent Service Charge. If desired, you can increase your ticket price or registration fee to account for the ClearEvent Service Charge that is hidden in the price shown to your buyers.

What payment methods are accepted?

Using Stripe, your event can accept on-line payments with almost any kind of credit card or debit card:

  • U.S. businesses can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.
  • Canadian and European businesses can accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

You can also accept gift and prepaid cards that are one of the above types. For more information visit Stripe’s support documentation.


What is Stripe & do I need an account?

Stripe is an on-line payment processor that provides a quick and secure way to accept credit and debit card payments on the Internet. ClearEvent integrates with Stripe to allow your event to process payments almost instantly.

You do not need a Stripe account if your event does not need to accept paid registrations or sell tickets. You’ll be able to start accepting free participant registrations or registrations that accept manual payments and start planning your event with ClearEvent immediately once your sign up.

If your event needs to accept paid registrations or sell tickets, then a Stripe account is required. You can always set one up later. Currently, Stripe is the only available payment processor supported by ClearEvent.

Your event will be responsible for paying Stripe Processing Charges on all registrations and tickets purchases that have been successfully processed by Stripe.

How does my event get paid?

The ClearEvent platform allows events to easily accept online payments for paid ticket orders and registrations through Stripe. Events wishing to accept online payments must create their own Stripe account (it’s free) and connect it to an existing bank account (learn how). Setting up Stripe is easy and can be done in just a few minutes from the Payments section in ClearEvent.

After connecting your Stripe account to ClearEvent, payments collected are deposited into your Stripe account and will then automatically be deposited on a 2-day rolling basis into your bank account in the U.S. (2 – 7 days elsewhere).

When does my event get paid?

ClearEvent uses Stripe to process payments. When a registration fee is paid successfully on-line, the fee is immediately deposited into your event’s Stripe account. Stripe will then issue a transfer between your event’s Stripe account and your event’s bank account on a 7-day rolling basis (usually 2-days in the U.S.).

You can set the transfer frequency in the Transfers tab of your Stripe dashboard. From there, you can also view all transfers from Stripe to your bank account.

To learn more, visit Stripe’s documentation on transfers.

Is my credit card data safe?

Yes! ClearEvent complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). We are PCI SAQ A as we have outsourced all cardholder data processing functions to Stripe (

Stripe has been audited by Qualified Security Assessor (auditor), and has been certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available. Learn More

Our hosting partner where our servers reside (Microsoft Azure) complies with PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) 3.1.

Are there limits on transfers?

Nope! Stripe (our payment provider) doesn’t limit the amount that can be transferred and deposited into your bank account in a given transfer.

What discounts are available?

When you sign up for a yearly event plan, you’ll get a two months each year free! You can upgrade your monthly plan at any time and you’ll be charged a pro-rated amount for any time remaining on your currently monthly plan.

If you run multiple events, volume pricing is available for our Standard Plans. Contact our sales team for discounts on volume pricing.

Still have questions?

Contact us or call 1-905-231-3768 between 9AM – 5PM EST.

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