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Tips for Compelling Conference Branding

You invest thousands of dollars on your conference. Your marketing targets potential delegates across the country. Your goal is a great return on your investment. But, your challenge is to get noticed and make a compelling connection with delegates to  attract them to...

Delegate Experience Matters to Savvy Planners

Sometimes the very thing we need to pay attention to is right under our nose. We just can't see it. Every conference planner works hard to secure the best venue, deliver the best program and provide amazing food. In dealing with these important elements, it is easy to...

Tickets and Registration Part 2: When to use them?

We saw in our Seminar Signup example in Part 1 that tickets and registration could both be used. In this article, we show two more examples. One shows when to use tickets, while the other shows when to use registration. Our final example shows tickets and registration...

3 Must-Do Tips For Creating a Great Registration Experience

For most delegates, your registration form is one of the first interactions they’ll have with your event and your brand. And impressions matter, especially first impressions. A good registration form creates an efficient and warm welcome to each delegate into your conference creating a great first impression much like a well-designed business card for your event.

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