Event planners are busy and it’s no easy feat to pull off a great event. Think for a moment, which of your suppliers go the extra mile to make sure everything is optimal for you? And even more importantly, which of your suppliers just do the minimum?

It’s especially important to ask “Is my ticketing company a valued partner?”. Sales from tickets is often the main source of revenue for many events. Your ticketing system is often the first point of contact with your event for your attendees, and first impressions matter!

Choose a ticketing company that treats you as a partner!

When it’s time to find a better ticketing company, how can you tell your new ticketing company will be a valued partner contributing to your overall success, and not just another average supplier? The following three factors make all the difference.

Are your Goals Aligned?

Are the goals of your ticketing company aligned with yours? Take a look at how they get paid and their impact on your attendees.

Is payment to your ticket company connected to the number of tickets sold, or to the amount of ticket revenue? Since total revenue is usually more important to most event planners than the number of tickets sold, it is better to work with a ticket company where their payment is tied to maximizing your revenue.

Work with a ticket company where their payment is tied to maximizing your revenue.

What about happy customers?

Does your ticket company care about your ticket buyers’ experience. If not, this means they may be okay with more unhappy attendees than you are! Since your ticket company is selling tickets to your customers, choose a ticket company that goes the extra mile to make sure that every ticket purchase leads to a happy customer.

Is Their Focus on Your Success?

Big companies with thousands of customers often find it difficult to provide great service to all their customers. This happens for many reasons and as a customer you feel it.

So when deciding on a ticket company, always remember, there’s a big difference between a company wanting your business and wanting you to succeed. Seek out a ticket company that truly understands that your success is their success. Choose one that understands what you are trying to do, and helps you get achieve that success.

Choose a ticketing company that helps you to succeed, not one that just wants your business.

Are They Looking For Ways to Help You?

Is your new ticketing company nimble and flexible? When you need something,how do they respond? Quickly and cheerfully or do you get treated like a number, just one of thousands of similar requests? Are they interested in suggestions for new features? Do they add new features requested by customers?

Your ticket company should be very eager to help you and your team and your attendees.

If attendees need technical help during or after purchasing tickets, your ticket company should promptly address any issues. If you or your colleagues have questions about the software, there should be multiple layers of support available to you, from simple tooltips all the way to live one-on-one support.

At ClearEvent, we believe our success should be connected to your success. We’re glad to provide guidance on best practices and we’re always looking for ways to make our event platform even better. On a regular basis, we add new features to help your event make more revenue and to improve the experience for your attendees. ClearEvent has a great track record of releasing new features requested by our customers. We know your feedback is the best way to make our event platform even better for you.

Finding ways to help you should be “just how your ticket company operates”.

Choose a Ticketing Partner, Not Just Another Average Supplier

In the event space, it’s essential your suppliers work with you as a partner, not just another supplier. This is especially true for your ticketing company. Your ticketing company has a big impact on revenue and attendee experience, both are key to great events.

Make sure your ticketing company treats you as a partner:

  • Are your goals aligned?
  • Is their focus on your success?
  • Are they looking for ways to help you?

Quite frankly, why would you want anything less from a supplier? Smart event planners know to keep the suppliers that treat them like partners and replace the others with ones that will!

Happy Planning!

Learn how ClearEvent is the ticketing partner you’ve been looking for!

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